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Totopo Mexican Restaurant

Totopo is a vibrant celebration of the culture and cuisine of Mexico with a focus on the diverse foods served in the country. From Oaxacan tamales enveloped in banana leaves to the savory fish tacos of Baja California, you will experience the authentic flavor and freshness in every bite. Totopo is also featuring a cocktail menu of tequila-based drinks to pair the perfect margarita with your meal.

Why “Totopo”? It means tortilla chip in Nahuatl (the Aztecs’ language) and that’s how it is called everywhere in Mexico. We want to honor the legacy of the rich Nahuatl language that gave us the names for many of the foods that are part of the Mexican culinary palate: chocolate, tomato, and avocado just to name few.

Totopo is located in uptown Mt. Lebanon and is now open.

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Happy Hour at Totopo!

4-6pm on Weekdays

Drinks and Appetizers on Special!

Enjoy Half-Off Totopo Margaritas! (Lime, on the rocks!) 1/2 off Appetizers! (Not including the Table-Side Guacamole) $1 off Draft Beers! These specials are too good to miss out on!